Micro/Nano Fabrication and Cleanroom

The MRL Micro/Nanofabrication Facility is a multidisciplinary, user-supported facility providing equipment and resources for thin film deposition and the fabrication of patterned micro-and nano-sized structures on flexible and other multi-layer electronic devices.The facility operates a 1,400 square foot, class-100 cleanroom with instrumentation for wet/chemical etching, spin coating, mask aligners, and general optical and 3D printing lithography. The facilities also include an on-site mask fabrication service and an additional 500 square foot class-100 cleanroom with an electron-beam lithography system capable of 20-nm line resolution for pattern delineation and device fabrication.


The MicroFab cleanroom is used for a wide range of micro and nano-fabrication projects. In addition to UIUC researchers, the cleanroom allows outside academic users as well as users from industry.  Learn more about the MRL Cleanroom >>


Deposition Tools

The facilities include a variety of tools for thin-film and multi-layered structure fabrication using electron-beam and thermal evaporators, sputtering and atomic layer deposition methods. We provide the deposition sources and targets but in many cases users can work with staff to add their sources for their own, specific materials.

Diffusion / Annealing Furnaces

Several furnaces covering a variety of temperature ranges under vacuum or various ambient conditions are available to carry out diffusion processes, dopant activation, ion-implantation damage repair, fabrication of graphene or carbon nanotubes, etc.

Dry Etching

Dry etching is a key step in device fabrication where layers or selected areas of material are removed by employing a plasma of reactive gases. The MRL offers several dry etching tools applicable to a variety of layers and substrate types and sizes.


Lithography uses light or electron beam to produce specific patterns on substrates during device fabrication. Photo- and electron-beam lithography facilities are available in the MRL through a series of mask aligners, stampers, ovens, two-photon sub-micron lithography 3D printing and an electron-beam lithography system.

Wet Processing

Wet processing work in the MRL Cleanroom is supported by several fume hoods and flow benches for processes involving acids, solvent developer, and metal etchants.


Equipment in this Core

Equipment Name Contact Location Technique(s)
4155c Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer (Agilent), used with Lake Shore and custom probe station frao@illinois.edu 326 MRL
6" Tube oxidation furnace frao@illinois.edu 328 MRL
Acid Fume Hood xlwang84@illinois.edu 359 MRL
AJA ATC2000 Sputter Coater 1 taoshang@illinois.edu 336 MRL
AJA E-beam evaporator 1 taoshang@illinois.edu 348 MRL
AJA Orion 3 Sputter Coater 2 taoshang@illinois.edu 326 MRL
AJA Orion-8 Magnetron Sputtering System frao@illinois.edu 336 MRL
AJA Orion-8 Sputtering System for Magnetic Materials frao@illinois.edu 336 MRL
Ball Bonder (25 um Gold wire, K&S 4524A) frao@illinois.edu 326 MRL
Bench Top Probe Station (Custom) frao@illinois.edu 326 MRL
Commonwealth Scientific Ion Milling & Thermal Evaporator System frao@illinois.edu 334 MRL
Heidelberg MLA150 aligner for maskless photolithography jeffg@illinois.edu 388 MRL
High Temperature CM furnace – max temperature 1600°C frao@illinois.edu 328 MRL
Jandel 4-Point Probe Sheet Resistance Measurement frao@illinois.edu 326 MRL
Kurt J. Lesker Nano36 Thermal Evaporator System xlwang84@illinois.edu 326 MRL
Lindberg 2" Tube oxidation/annealing furnace frao@illinois.edu 328 MRL
Metal Etchant Fume Hood xlwang84@illinois.edu 387 MRL
MJB3 Mask Aligner jeffg@illinois.edu 313 MRL
MJB4 Mask Aligner jeffg@illinois.edu 313 MRL
Nano-Master Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) Plasma System xlwang84@illinois.edu 342 MRL
Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT 3D Printer jeffg@illinois.edu 335 MRL
Nordson March Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) Plasma System 1 & 2 xlwang84@illinois.edu 342 MRL
Optical Microscopes with CCD cameras frao@illinois.edu 326 MRL
Plasma-Therm 790 MF Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) Plasma System xlwang84@illinois.edu 342 MRL
Plasma-Therm Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition System (PECVD) xlwang84@illinois.edu 342 MRL
Raith eLine electron Beam Lithography System taoshang@illinois.edu 364 MRL
Rapid Thermal Annealing furnace (Custom) – max temperature 1000°C frao@illinois.edu 328 MRL
Savannah S100 Atomic Layer Deposition Cambridge Nanotech frao@illinois.edu 326 MRL
SCS Labcoter2 Parylene Coater frao@illinois.edu
Solvent Fume Hood or Developer Fume Hood xlwang84@illinois.edu 384 MRL
Spin Coater Systems (Headway Research) jeffg@illinois.edu 313 MRL
Temescal Ebeam Evaporator 2 taoshang@illinois.edu MRL 348
Temescal Ebeam Evaporator 4 taoshang@illinois.edu MRL 348
Temperature-Controlled Cryogenic Vacuum Probe Station frao@illinois.edu 326 MRL
UV 365 nm Exposure System (Oriel) jeffg@illinois.edu 313 MRL
Wedge Bonder (25 um Aluminum wire, K&S 4523A) frao@illinois.edu 326 MRL
Westbond 4KE wire bonder frao@illinois.edu 326 MRL
Yield Engineering HMDS Vapor Prime Oven jeffg@illinois.edu 313 MRL
Yield Engineering P-I Curing Ovens jeffg@illinois.edu 313 MRL