4155c Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer (Agilent), used with Lake Shore and custom probe station

Agilent 4155C is an electronic instrument for measuring and analyzing the characteristics of semiconductor devices. This instrument allows you to perform both measurement and analysis of measurement results. The 4155C has four highly accurate source monitor units (SMUs), two voltage source units (VSUs), and two voltage measurement units (VMUs). It can perform three types of measurements: sweep measurement, sampling measurement, and quasi-static C-V measurement.


  • The SMU can limit output voltage or current to prevent damaging the device under test. Voltage 0 V to ± 100 V; Current ± 1pA to ± 100 mA.
  • VSU range: ± 20 V. Max. output current 100 mA.
  • VMU ranges: ± 2 V with resolution of 2 µV;  ± 20 V with resolution of 20 µV.

C-V Measurement. Capacitance is calculated value derived from the equation: C=dQ/dV.


Research Assistant Professor, MRL
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