SCS Labcoter2 Parylene Coater

The SCS Labcoter2 Parylene deposition system performs reliable and repeatable Parylene conformal coatings to many different types of components such as circuit boards, sensors, wafers, medical devices, MEMS and elastomeric components. Parylene coatings provide a highly effective chemical and moisture barrier with high dielectric and mechanical strength.

Parylene polymer coatings are performed via vapor deposition. The deposition process begins as the powdered dimer is vaporized under vacuum and heated to form a dimeric gas. The gas is the pyrolized to cleave the dimer into its monomeric form, and finally is deposited as a transparent polymer film. The polymerization process occurs at ambient temperatures and does not involve solvents, catalysts or cure forces. Parylene coatings can be applied in thicknesses from several hundred angstroms to tens of microns.

The system is currently configured for Parylene C coatings.


  • Sample size: up to 10 in. X 10 in.
  • Standard fixture to hold parts in place during deposition process.


Research Scientist
Research Scientist