Probe Stations Equipment

Equipment Name Contact Location
Equipment Name Contact Location
4155c Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer (Agilent), used with Lake Shore and custom probe station gmacdoug lonw 326 MRL
Bench Top Probe Station (Custom) gmacdoug 326 MRL
Temperature-Controlled Cryogenic Vacuum Probe Station gmacdoug 326 MRL

The LakeShore FWPX Cryogenic Probe Station is a great characterization tool for taking electrical measurements in a temperature range from ~ 10 K (when using liquid Helium) or 77 K (when using liquid Nitrogen) up  to 475 K, and in a vacuum environment down to 10-5 Torr. The electrical signals are taken through the Agilent 4155C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer which has 4 SMU units with a voltage output range of -100 to 100 V and a current output range of  -100 to 100 mA. Users can perform temperature-dependent measurements of I-V and C-V curves, and other high and low frequency tests.

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