ADT 7122 Wafer Dicer

The Advanced Dicing Technology (ADT) 7122 is an automatic wafer dicer with an 8" diameter (or 200 mm x 200 mm square area) dicing area. It is an advanced, fully programmable saw for dicing thin materials into smaller pieces with 1-micron accuracy. Typical applications are Si wafer dicing but other thin materials and substrates (sapphire, glass, PZT, thin film devices, etc.) can be cut with the proper choice of blade type. Some key features:

  • 2" air bearing spindle up to 1.8 kW and 60 krpm, with DC brushless motor to close-loop speed control.
  • Turn table with high torque and high accuracy (1 micron).
  • High resolution camera (2000 x 2000 pixels) with X100 microscope.
  • Fully programmable with pre-loaded dicing recipes.
  • Blade diameter: 2" – 3"
  • Auto height, optical height sensor, Z loop 50 mm stroke.
  • Additional model 947 CO2 in-line injector system to reduce DI water resistivity under 1 Megaohm/cm.
  • Additional model 966-8 wafer mounting supporting up to 8" diameter wafers and substrates mounting to frames using various types of tapes.
  • Main axis specifications:






Ball bearing lead screw / stepper motor / linear encoder

Ball bearing lead screw / stepper motor / rotary encoder

Closed loop / direct drive / DC brushless


0.1 micron

0.2 micron

4 arc-sec


1 micron

2 micron

4 arc-sec


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