Safety Services for MRL Groups

Chemical Safety

  • Approving materials that you want to use in your labs
  • How to read and understand a safety data sheet (SDS)
  • How to start/maintain a chemical inventory
  • How to store and label chemicals correctly
  • Assist with proper personal protective equipment (PPE) for your needs


  • How to request chemical waste
  • How to dispose of bio waste
  • How to dispose of radioactive waste
  • How to obtain sharps containers, glass disposal boxes, wafer disposal containers
  • How to dispose of sharps
  • How to dispose of glass
  • How to dispose of wafers
  • How to label waste containers

Lab Documentation/Reporting

  • Look over lab safety plans
    • Safety management, SOPs, chemical inventory, safety training checklists
  • Approving Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
    • Do you have the right equipment in your lab
    • Do you have all the needed personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Are the hazards listed
    • Do you have control measures
  • How to document lab safety trainings for the group

Accident Response

  • How to prepare for andprevent spills
  • How to put together a spill kit
  • Proper spill response
  • How to report lab incidents or injury
  • How to get medical treatment for life treating and non-life threatening injury or exposure

Laboratory Best Practices/Procedures

  • General housekeeping – help you get your lab organized
  • Go over how to check your eyewashes and showers
  • Go over how to check your fire extinguisher
  • Laboratory set-up
  • Laboratory close out


  • Meet with safety contacts, PI’s, facility staff, researchers for any safety needs
  • Help assist with radiation and laser safety
  • Help assist with Biological safety
  • Respiratory Protection/Respirators
  • How to prepare for the Division of Research Safety (DRS) lab safety audits
  • Go over DRS laboratory safety audit results with each group
  • If needed, help get you in contact with DRS or Safety and Compliance