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Xiuling Li

Researchers expand microchip capability with new 3D inductor technology

Tue, 12/08/2020 - 09:35  

Smaller is better when it comes to microchips, researchers said, and by using 3D components on a standardized 2D microchip manufacturing platform, developers can use up to 100 times less chip space. A team of engineers has boosted the performance of its previously developed 3D inductor technology by adding as much as three orders of magnitudes more induction to meet the performance demands of modern electronic devices.

Jim Eckstein

James Eckstein wins APS McGroddy Prize

Tue, 10/13/2020 - 12:17  

Illinois Physics Professor James Eckstein and MRL affiliate has been selected for the American Physical Society’s 2021 James C. McGroddy Prize for New Materials. This prize recognizes outstanding achievement in the science and application of new materials.


NSF Future Manufacturing Research Grant for high energy density Li-ion batteries

Mon, 09/14/2020 - 11:59  

This National Science Foundation (NSF) grant will support fundamental research to develop transformative manufacturing processes for reliable, energy dense, and easily recyclable next generation Lithium-ion batteries. The Illinois Materials Research Laboratory co-principal investigators Professors Paul Braun, Nenad Milkovic, Nicola Perry, and Pingfeng Wang, with co-principal investigator Prof. Marta Hatzell at Georgia Tech, have been awarded $3.25M over 5 years.


Congratulations 2020-21 PPG MRL Assistantship Awardees!

Fri, 08/28/2020 - 12:58  

Anuva Aishwarya, Yoo Kyung Go, Dinesh Kumar, Jingcheng Ma, and Yi Zhang have been awarded PPG Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) Graduate Research Assistantships to pursue cutting-edge research broadly related to the areas of interest to PPG.

Two new quantum centers

DOE awards two quantum information science research centers with UIUC as partner

Thu, 08/27/2020 - 20:57  

The Grainger College of Engineering’s Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center (IQUIST) is a partner institution in two of the five Department of Energy Quantum Information Science Research Centers, announced by the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy on August 26. These centers are aligned with the U.S.

Qian Chen

Chen Group: Machine learning peeks into nano-aquariums

Mon, 08/24/2020 - 16:43  

In the nanoworld, tiny particles such as proteins appear to dance as they transform and assemble to perform various tasks while suspended in a liquid. Recently developed methods have made it possible to watch and record these otherwise-elusive tiny motions, and researchers now take a step forward by developing a machine learning workflow to streamline the process. 

Paul Braun and David Cahill awarded Distinguished Chairs

Paul Braun and David Cahill awarded Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering

Mon, 08/24/2020 - 14:19  

Professors David Cahill and Paul Braun have been awarded a Grainger Distinguished Chair in Engineering. This honor is given in recognition of distinguished scholarly achievements and leadership in promoting collaborative research. 

CAS Professors

Moore and Sottos elected as new CAS Professors

Mon, 08/03/2020 - 10:21  

The Center for Advanced Study has appointed seven new members to its permanent faculty, including two MRL researchers, Jeffrey S. Moore and Nancy Sottos. CAS professors are selected based on their outstanding scholarship, and the appointments are one of the highest forms of campus recognition at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Brian DeMarco

Prof. Brian DeMarco and IQUIST to lead new $25M NSF Hybrid Quantum Architectures and Networks Institute

Tue, 07/21/2020 - 08:42  

The Grainger College of Engineering’s Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center (IQUIST) will launch a National Science Foundation Quantum Leap Challenge Institute for Hybrid Quantum Architectures and Networks (HQAN).

Center for Quantum Sensing and Quantum Materials

New center awarded $12.6M by DOE

Mon, 07/13/2020 - 12:29  

A team from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s Grainger College of Engineering was awarded an Energy Frontier Research Center by the Department of Energy (EFRC). 

Statt, Chen, Braun

NSF awards EAGER grant to Profs. Statt, Chen and Braun to study micro- and nanoplastics in the environment

Mon, 07/06/2020 - 14:12  

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded a two-year, $300,000 EAGER grant to professors of materials science and engineering Antonia Statt, Qian Chen, and Paul Braun for their project on mapping the structure–property relationship of micro- and nanoplastics by in-situ nanoscopic imaging and simulation. 

Contrast revealed in the physics of TIs coupled with the SC niobium. (top row) No superconductivity observed with ARPES at the top surface of bulk insulating TIs/Nb. (bottom row) Strong, long-range superconducting order seen in bulk conducting TIs/Nb.

Engineering topological superconductivity in composite systems

Tue, 06/30/2020 - 20:46  

New findings from physicists at the University of Illinois, in collaboration with researchers at The University of Tokyo and others, clarify the physics of coupling topological materials with simple, conventional superconductors. 

Robert Averback

Professor Emeritus Dr. Robert S. Averback Receives 2020 Robert Cahn Award

Fri, 06/19/2020 - 21:27  

Dr. Robert S. Averback, Professor Emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering, has been attributed the Robert Cahn Award 2020 by the Journal of Nuclear Materials and the committee of NuMat 2020, the Nuclear Materials Conference, based on his lifelong contribution to the field of nuclear materials. 

This award recognizes a scientist of high academic profile in the field of nuclear materials, who has the ability to communicate science to a broad audience and has demonstrated an interest in breaking down barriers between scientific disciplines.

Brett Kaufman

Brett Kaufman, MRL researcher and Assistant Professor of Classics, is 2020/2021 Getty Research Scholar

Fri, 06/19/2020 - 18:29  

Kaufman is an archaeological scientist and Assistant Professor of Classics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Using XRF, SEM, and metallographic microscope MRL instruments, his research applies materials science analytical techniques to study ancient and historic remains.

Qian Chen MURI Grant

Chen lab receives MURI grant to create new topological mechanical metamaterials

Tue, 06/16/2020 - 15:26  

The grant, which awarded $1.25M to Chen lab by the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative of the Office of Naval Research, is part of a project to study gaps in efforts to realize topological mechanical metamaterials (TMMs) that can change their properties based on external impacts.

Renske Group

Researchers develop ultrafast microscope to see electrons move

Fri, 06/12/2020 - 15:25  










Professors Madhavan and Abbamonte named EPiQS investigators

Fri, 05/29/2020 - 13:21  

Moore Foundation grants enable experimental leaps in quantum materials

Leal Group

Leal group shows how oxygen transfer is altered in diseased lung tissue

Fri, 04/10/2020 - 12:55  

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has developed tiny sensors that measure oxygen transport in bovine lung tissue. The study – which establishes a new framework for observing the elusive connection between lung membranes, oxygen flow and related disease – is published in the journal Nature Communications.

Jessica Krogstad

Jessica Krogstad wins TMS Early Career Faculty Fellow Award

Wed, 04/08/2020 - 11:30  

Funded by The Minerals, Metals & Materials (TMS) Foundation, this award recognizes an assistant professor for accomplishments that have advanced the academic institution where employed, and for abilities to broaden the technological profile of TMS.

Krogstad will give a lecture presentation, “Challenging the Paradigm for Materials in Extreme Environments: Embracing Dynamic Material Properties,” at the Young Professional Luncheon/Lecture on Tuesday, February 25. 

Cathy Murphy

MRL Associate Director Cathy Murphy to lead the Department of Chemistry

Tue, 04/07/2020 - 20:00  

The dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences has announced that Professor Cathy Murphy has accepted the offer to serve as the next head of the Department of Chemistry. 

Dean Feng Sheng Hu said Murphy’s appointment will be effective June 1. She will succeed Martin Gruebele, the current department head who has served in that capacity for more than three years.