MRL Photomask Fabrication Facility

MRL Photomask Fabrication Facility

Location: 388 Materials Research Laboratory

The MRL cleanroom extends photomask fabrication services to academic and industry users alike. These masks are suitable for direct-contact photolithography employing Mask aligners such as the EVG 6200 TB, Karl Suss MJB4, etc. The MRL has a Heidelberg MLA 150 laser writer for making photomasks. Below are examples of bright-field and dark-field photomask plates fabricated at MRL:

Dark-field photo mask      


 Bright-field photo mask


Should you require a mask, there are two distinct options at your disposal:

1. You can submit your design file for the MRL staff to fabricate the mask on your behalf.

2. Alternatively, you can train to utilize the Heidelberg MLA 150 laser writer tool and receive mask fabrication training to create your own masks.


Below outlines the Photomask fabrication policy at MRL:

  • To request photomasks, please contact
  • Each submission corresponds to one mask. For multi-layer designs, each layer requires a separate submission.
  • Accepted file formats include CIF and GDS II only. For other file formats or design-related issues, please consult with us before sending the design file.
  • Users have the option to request design creation as well, but it’s essential to factor in extra time for this request.
  • The minimum feature size is 1µm.
  • Available plates range from 3″ to 5″ Chrome Soda-Lime glass Mask plates.
  • Turnaround time depends on the queue, typically taking about 3 business days to complete after file submission. Please allow a minimum of 2 business days for shipping.

2024 Mask Services Prices (*)


External academic institutions


3" x 3" mask (Cr-coated soda lime plate)




5"x 5" mask (Cr-coated soda lime plate)





(*) our prices include all fees, raw material, and shipping to outside customers


Photomask Fabrication Online Payments


Lab location:

Room 388 Materials Research Laboratory


Staff Contact:

Primary contact:
Dr. Mrinal Kanti Hota 
Room# MRL 380

Secondary contact:
Dr. Mauro Sardela
Room# MRL SC 2014