Safety is achieved when we all work together and embrace the safety culture in our daily routines. Our goal is to make a research environment in which safety comes first. Safety success is a habit.

MRL is committed to the safety of our staff and all our researchers. Relevant safety resources are listed below.

Safety Contacts at MRL

Immediate Contact: 911 in Life-Threatening Emergency

MRL Safety Contact 

Maisie Kingren
Safety Engineer
(217) 244-8637
2004 Supercon

MRL Safety Committee

Other Safety Contacts

Division of Research Safety (DRS)
(217) 333-2755

Safety and Compliance
(217) 333-0340

University Police
(217) 333-1216
Public Safety Building
1110 W. Springfield Ave.
Urbana, IL 61801

University of Illinois Division of Research Safety Training

The University of Illinois Division of Research Safety provides online safety training to the campus community. Facility users must complete the "General Laboratory Safety" training course.

Users are required to familiarize themselves with the Division of Research Safety programs of the University of Illinois. 

Access DRS Online Safety Training


Department of Energy Basic Energy Sciences Safety Policy

MRL follows the Department of Energy Basic Energy Sciences Safety Policy.

Conducting Research in a Safe and Environmentally Conscientious Manner
"The Office of Basic Energy Sciences (BES) is committed to conducting research in a manner that ensures protection of the workers, the public, and the environment. Protecting the workers, the public, and the environment is a direct and individual responsibility of all BES managers and BES-supported researchers and their staff. Funds provided by BES for research will be applied as necessary to ensure that all BES research activities are conducted safely and in an environmentally conscientious manner. Only research conducted in this way will be supported."

Laser and Spectroscopy Facilities at MRL: Special Safety Information 

MRL provides safety training to all users on an individual basis; this training includes the UIUC general laser safety guide, and adheres to the ANSI Z136.1-1993 national laser safety standard.

Mandatory Laser and Spectroscopy Facilities (LSF) Safety Training

Safety training completion must be recorded at  Please click "+ Join this Course" button on that site to upload your annual DRS laser safety training certificate and to confirm your understanding of the instructions for the safe use of lasers in the LSF." 

Before training on the instruments, you may be briefly quizzed about laser safety.

Division of Research Safety information

Other Useful Safety Resources

Reading of this material is HIGHLY recommended. They regard YOUR safety.