Temescal Ebeam Evaporator 2

Equipment Location: 
MRL 348

Temescal Ebeam evaporator 2 has an electron beam gun assembly with six manually selected source crucibles. Currently approved deposition materials are metals only including Ag, Cu, Cr, Ti, Al, Ni, Fe, Si, Ge. The maximum thickness of a single layer is limited to 200 nm. 13 4-inch wafers or sample holders can be accommodated in the loadlock chamber for line-of-sight deposition. Deposition rate and thickness of material are monitored. Power of ebeam for deposition is controlled manually by user. 


Ebeam Evaporator 2
Ebeam Evaporator 2

Location: MRL 348
Hours of Operation: 24-hour access
Tao Shang, Ph.D.
Research Engineer, MRL 380
(217) 300-6143