The MRL Central Research Facilities Webinar Series - ongoing while labs are closed

Webinars are held Thursdays at noon, Central time. See schedule here.

This free webinar series highlights techniques available in the MRL Central Research Facilities for the fabrication, processing and characterization of materials. Webinar topics range from very basic, general introductions of techniques all the way to advanced, specialized analyses for featured applications.

Access to all labs in the MRL Central Research Facilities will remain closed until April 30, 2020. 

Although our labs are closed, our staff continues to work remotely and is available to support your research. Please feel free to interact with our staff via e-mail, phone or video conferencing in order to discuss your results, answer questions or plan future experiments. For new users or users requesting training, we are reviewing new user’s access proposals as usual. In order to streamline the process, our New MRL User Orientation has been moved completely online. In addition to training modules already available online, we are expanding our training material to use online resources as much as possible. We continue to accept instrument training requests with trainings to start as soon as the labs re-open.

Upcoming Events: