Proposal Development & Grant Management

Grant Proposal Instructions


The MRL Business team handles a significant volume of proposals and awards. Please inform our team as soon as you know about the project to ensure submission to Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) at least 4 business days before the sponsor deadline  (e.g. Friday 5PM deadline packages are due to SPA the prior Monday 8 AM).

The complexity of the specific solicitation will determine how far in advance of the SPA deadline the MRL Business team needs to begin work to best support your submission.

The MRL business team will compile proposal documents, create budgets, prepare budget justifications, submit the proposal package to SPA for internal review, and complete subsequent submissions to external sponsors.

Grant Proposal Intake 
  • Project/Proposal Title
  • Sponsor
  • Due date
  • Solicitation/RFP
  • Lead/Sub

Submit a Request

Schedule a Meeting

MRL Team Develop Budgets and Justifications
Required information from PIs
  • Budget Target
  • Personnel: PI/Co-PI, PDRA/GRA first  and last names, %time, #month; 
  • Non-personnel: equipment, travel, materials & supplies, service, etc.

MRL Budget Template_FY25

Submit Grant Proposals to SPA
  • Solicitation/RFP
  • Budget and Justifications
  • Statement of Work
  • Any other materials as required by the sponsor

Calculate SPA deadline


Grant proposals must conform to the requirements set forth in the solicitation or guidelines provided by the funding agency. Failure to do so will typically result in the proposal being returned by the sponsor without being reviewed.