Lithography uses light or electron beam to produce specific patterns on substrates during device fabrication. Photo- and electron-beam lithography facilities are available in the MRL through a series of mask aligners, stampers, ovens, two-photon sub-micron lithography 3D printing and an electron-beam lithography system.

Lithography Equipment

Equipment Name Contact Location
Equipment Name Contact Location
Heidelberg MLA150 aligner for maskless photolithography pcsun 388 MRL

This instrument eliminates the need of photomasks during photolithography since the design file is exposed directly on to the resist-coated wafer via a two-dimensional spatial light modulator.

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Raith eLine Electron Beam Lithography System taoshang 364 MRL

Raith eLine EBL system is an electron beam lithography system that has a ZEISS SEM column equipped with a Thermal Field Emission electron gun. The accelerating voltage can be operated at 10 - 30kV. It is capable of patterning ultra fine features with resolution down to 10 nm in PMMA ebeam resist. It has a standard 30 μm aperture along with 7.5 up to 120 µm aperture. Standard write field size is 100 μm and ranges between 1µm to 1 mm. Field stitching error is typically less than 40 nm. Standard sample holder can accommodate up to 5” wafer. Eight sample clips can be used for smaller sample with sample size from 1 to 3 cm. GDSII CAD file is standard file format and can be converted from other CAD files such as Autocad DXF file.

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Raith EBPG5150 100-kV e-Beam Lithography System taoshang jeffg 364 MRL

The Raith EBPG5150 Electron Beam Lithography System is an ultra-high performance e-beam writer for nanometer-scaled device fabrication.

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MJB4 Mask Aligner jeffg taoshang 313 MRL
MJB3 Mask Aligner jeffg taoshang 313 MRL

The Karl Suss MJB-3 Mask Aligner is designed for high resolution photolithography. The MJB-3 offers flexibility in the handling of irregular shaped substrates and pieces of differing thickness, as well as mask sizes of 3x3 inches. Geometries as small as 1.5 microns can be achieved using the 365 Nanometer wavelength illumination.


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Nanoscribe Photonic Professional GT 3D Printer jeffg xlwang84 335 MRL

The next generation 3D laser lithography system, MRL’s Nanoscribe sets new standards in 3D micro printing and maskless lithography.

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Yield Engineering Vacuum Curing Ovens jeffg 328 MRL
Yield Engineering HMDS Vapor Prime Oven-Cleanroom jeffg 388 MRL
Headway PWM32 Wafer Spin Coater pcsun 388 MRL
Oriel Re-Exposure Unit jeffg 387 MRL