Savannah S100 Atomic Layer Deposition Cambridge Nanotech

The Savannah S100 ALD systems deliver outstanding deposition results and provide maximum experimental flexibility for ALD research, development, and production applications. 

Each Savannah system enables digital control of your thin films: grow one layer at a time from the nano scale to the micro scale. The unique Exposure Mode enables conformal film growth on ultra-high aspect ratio features found in materials such as porous foams, fibers and nanogels. The Continuous Mode enables the rapid growth of perfectly dense, uniform and conformal films.

Complete control of all key system parameters is achievable through the LabVIEW based GUI that is powerful, yet simple to use.


  • Available films: Al2O3, TiO2, and HfO2
  • Deposition temperature: 80 –200 C
  • Maximum film thickness: 100 nm
  • Maximum sample size: 4-inch in diameter
  • Deposition rate: about 1 Angstrom per cycle


Research Scientist
Senior Research Engineer