University of Illinois (All Campuses) Users

Step 1

Complete the MRL Central Research Facilities Use Proposal Electronic Form to generate a new proposal. We recommend that the student or post-doctoral researcher (principal user) fill out and submit the proposal. It is strongly recommended that students review the information with their advisor prior to submitting the electronic form.

Please do not use your browser's back button while filling out the electronic form, as this may cause your submission to fail. Also, we suggest you use cut and paste from a local text editor to enter answers to questions in the proposal form. This will save you from re-typing the answers in the unlikely event of an error in your submission. Please follow the instructions carefully and provide the information as requested.

For additional information on the proposal process or status, contact the MRL Facilities staff.

Step 2

When received, the proposal will undergo an intitial review for completeness and then will be forwarded for more in-depth review by the MRL staff who have expertise in the techniques requested. If the project's goals are deemed feasible using the MRL facilities, it will be approved. The researcher will then be notified by email. Time required for the approval process varies and is typically 2-4 weeks; each proposal is unique and must be carefully evaluated.

Step 3

Complete University of Illinois general laboratory safety training and the MRL Orientation. In addition, instrument-specific safety instructions will be given during training.