Raith EBPG5150 100-kV e-Beam Lithography System

The Raith EBPG5150 Electron Beam Lithography System is an ultra-high performance e-beam writer for nanometer-scaled device fabrication. Some of the instrument features are:

  • Thermal Field Emission Gun
  • 50 and 100 kV beam energy calibration
  • Automatic dynamic off-axis focus, stigmation and distortion correction softwarelip
  • 50 MHz pattern generator, low noise 20-bit main field deflection
  • Field size operation, variable, up to 524 μm by 524 μm at all voltages
  • Overlay accuracy smaller than 5 nm
  • Minimum feature size < 8 nm
  • 155 mm by 155 mm stage travel
  • Lambda/1024 (0.6 nm) laser interferometer resolution
  • 2-holder Airlock with “straight through” loading design
  • 5” Mask Holder
  • 2x2 inch tables configured for piece-parts up to 2 mm thickness
  • Piece-Parts Adaptor Plate for 5 inch Mask Holder = allows for several and/or odd shaped samples to be mounted
  • Binocular microscope with X/Y stage and Z measurement to pre-align wafers and piece-parts on their holder prior to system loading
  • System control software suite “BEAMS” on fully integrated control PC running Linux OS with Ethernet Interface
  • System software for GDSII design file –to- GPF layout (EBPG format) conversion and fracturing

Our system includes an automatic aperture changer upgrade, with motorized and software automated control of system final apertures. It can save and recall multiple column alignments and lens settings. This is particularly useful for setup and execution of unattended exposure tasks. In addition, the MRL purchased the GenISys BEAMER full advanced data preparation software with Monte Carlo simulation and proximity correction packages.

Location: MRL 364


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