MRL Research Facilities Access Options

We welcome researchers from all units in the University of Illinois system (all campuses), all academic and government agency institutions (outside the University of Illinois system), and all business and industrial institutions.

Instrument access can be achieved by:

A. Being trained on our instruments by our MRL staff

Once trained, you will have independent tool access on a 24/7 mode. Most of the time, this represents the most cost effective and fastest method to access our research facilities.

B. Have one of our MRL staff to perform the work for you

Additional cost is involved (due to staff-time surcharges) and turnaround time will depend on staff and equipment availability.

In this mode:
(i) you can be present in the lab (either in person or by video conference if available) while staff carries out the work, or

(ii) you can just submit the samples to be analyzed and we will carry out the work and then follow up with a project discussion/reporting meeting.

C. Instructor or Student Access for a Course

If you need access to the MRL facilities to support a course on campus, please check this guide.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss details of which usage mode is most effective for your research program. Notice that different agreements might be required for academic, government or industrial institutions outside the University of Illinois system depending on the usage mode.