AJA Orion-8 Magnetron Sputtering System

This equipment was funded through the Illinois MRSEC, NSF Award Number DMR-1720633

The AJA Orion-8 Magnetron Sputtering System is a high performance thin film deposition tool meant to deliver maximum performance and results for our research community. The system is equipped with a fast-cycle load-lock system which eliminates the need to vent the process chamber to load substrates, reducing the pump down time and contaminations of targets and interior chamber surfaces. It utilizes a motorized rotating substrate holder to achieve excellent uniformity. This machine is featured with complete recipe control to deliver best process reproducibility.


  • 7 two-inch sputter sources. They are Au, Al, Ag, Ti, Cu, Cr, Mo.
  • Capable of co-sputtering of up to 4 sources.
  • Capable of both RF and DC sputtering.
  • Accommodates up to 4-inch wafer size sample.
  • Film uniformity better than +/-2.5% over a 4-inch diameter wafer.
  • Capable of heating samples up to 850 Celsius.
  • Load-lock system to enable fast sample loading and unloading.
  • Fully automated recipe-control deposition processes.


Research Scientist