X-Ray Analysis

MRL’s X-Ray analysis suite provides instrumentation for analysis of crystalline structure, orientation and texture, stress, chemical composition, grain and particle size distribution applied to various materials system in powder, thin film on substrate, bulk and liquid form. Dedicated instruments are available for powder, thin film, glancing incidence, texture, stress, reciprocal lattice mapping, fluorescence and reflectometry analysis. The lab also includes a dedicated SAXS/WAXS system for small and wide angles x-ray scattering. Materials databases and software packages are available for search/match, structure refinement, rocking curve and reflectometry simulation and fitting.


X-Ray Data Analysis Software Packages

Access advanced powder diffraction and chemistry databases and use advanced software analysis tools to help in your research.

X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) and Scattering

Several x-ray diffraction (XRD) systems, under Bragg-Brentano, parallel beam, high-resolution and microdiffraction configurations, are available for the analysis of crystalline structure, texture, stress, composition, etc. The lab includes instrumentation for single crystal orientation analysis via real-time Laue, in addition to reflectometry (XRR), SAXS, WAXS and energy-dispersive x-ray fluorescence (XRF). Environmental stages for sample analysis under temperature and humidity controlled conditions are available for some of the XRD, XRR and SAXS/WAXS tools.


Equipment in this Core

Equipment Name Contact Location Technique(s)
Bruker D8 Advance XRD System with High-Temperature Sample Stage jslopez@illinois.edu 148 MRL
Laue System with Multiwire 2D Detector gmacdoug@illinois.edu 148 MRL
PANalytical Phillips X’pert MRD system #2 sardela@illinois.edu 148 MRL
Shimadzu EDX-7000 Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer mali85@illinois.edu 148 MRL
Siemens/Bruker D-5000 XRD System jslopez@illinois.edu 148 MRL
Small Angle X-Ray Scattering System with Pilatus 300 Detector jslopez@illinois.edu 148 MRL