Laue System with Multiwire 2D Detector

The Laue System features:

Back-scattering Laue with data acquisition using a fast 2D detector; sample stage with multi-axis rotations and full translation capabilities controlled by multi-function joystick allowing for real time sample movement/rotation with simultaneous data visualization; optical camera setup to allow for precision alignment of sub-mm crystals or exploration of the position dependence of diffraction patterns. Laue pattern processing and indexing using NorthStar Real-Time Orientation software.

Radiation: non-monochromatic W source.

Main optics: Four choices of primary collimators for x-ray beam diameters 0.5, 1, 2 and 3 mm; three-axis rotation goniometer with X,Y,Z translation orientation base; Multiwire MWL120 2D detector with CO2+Ar gas consisting of arrays of 20-microns W wires coated with Au.  An optional 2mm brass collimator/elliptical mirror also exists, which allows for simultaneous viewing of both the beam position on sample in real space and the associated diffraction pattern.


  • Characterization of the quality of single crystal samples.
  • Crystallographic orientation of single crystals within 0.25 degree and determination of domains in bulk materials.
  • Sample alignment prior to cleaving/cutting is specific crystallographic direction.
  • Automated indexing of Laue patterns in single crystal materials.
  • Exploration of the variation of Laue patterns across the surface of large single crystals.


Research Assistant Professor, MRL
Research Scientist