PANalytical Phillips X’pert MRD system #2

The PANalytical MRD system #2 features:

theta/2theta vertical four-circle system with phi, psi rotations and x,y,z sample translation, proportional detector and high-speed PIXcel line detector (pixel size 55 microns).

Radiation / wavelength: Cu K-alpha, 0.15418 nm


Main Optics

  • Option 1: General thin film and bulk phase, stress and texture analysis. Point focus beam, crossed-slit collimator or x-ray lens, parallel plates collimator, flat graphite monochromator and proportional detector.
  • Option 2: Fast texture and stress configuration using 1D detector. Point focus beam, x-ray lens, PIXcel line detector in high-speed mode
  • Option 3: Micro XRD setup for surface spatial resolution between 100 and 400 microns. Point focus beam, 100-microns monocapillary primary optics, PIXcel line detector in high-speed mode
  • Optional attachment: dome-shaped Anton Paar DHS900 hot stage for in-situ high temperature (up to 900°C) analysis under air or vacuum


  • General thin film or coatings analysis
  • Medium resolution / high-intensity analysis of lattice constant, strain, crystallographic orientation, diffuse scattering, dislocation density, reciprocal lattice mapping.
  • Glancing incidence x-ray diffraction for analysis of ultra-thin films or analysis of depth-dependent phase, crystallinity and texture variations in materials.
  • Texture / preferred orientation and stress analysis.
  • Micro XRD for applications requiring spatial resolution between 100 and 400 microns.
  • In-situ high-temperature (up to 900oC) XRD analysis for phase transition, thermal expansion coefficient determination, stress and texture variations in materials.
  • Typical materials: textured thin films and bulk materials.


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