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Kratos Axis Supra+ Photoelectron spectrometer

X-ray photoelectron spectrometer : AXIS Supra+ - YouTube

Key Features:

  • Hemispherical and spherical mirror energy analyzers.
  • High-sensitivity Delay Line Detector (DLD).
  • Automated dual anode Al Ka/Ag La (1486.7/2984.2 eV) monochromatic X-ray source.
  • Large area mode (700 x 300 mm2) and small spot mode (110 mm, 55 mm, 27 mm, and 15 mm diameters) spectroscopy.
  • Imaging XPS (400 x 400 mm2 and 200 x 200 mm2 fields-of-view) with spatial resolution down to 1 um.
  • XPS image-stitching mode (up t0 10 x 10 mm2)
  • Load-lock camera and high magnification analysis chamber microscope.
  • Angle resolve XPS analysis.
  • Ar+/Arn+ (up to Ar3000+) Gas cluster ion source (GCIB).
  • Analysis chamber heating and cooling (â€Â100°C to +800°C).
  • 3-gas dosing system.
  • Inert gas or vacuum sample transfer vessel.

Available: Summer 2023