Equipment coming soon to MRL

SAMCO RIE-10NR Reactive Ion Etch System

The SAMCO RIE-10NR is a cutting-edge, fully automated Reactive Ion Etching (RIE) system specifically designed to meet the rigorous process demands of fluorine chemistry for research and production purposes. With precision, it executes etching operations, ensuring minimal sidewall deterioration and exceptional selectivity between various materials. Its capabilities extend to processing wafers up to 8 inches in diameter, showcasing its versatility in handling diverse requirements.

Key Features:

  • Highly selective anisotropic etching capabilities
  • Fully automatic “one-button” operation with full manual override
  • Easy-to-use computerized touch panel for parameter control, recipe entry, and storage
  • Process wafers up to 8-inch in diameter
  • Temperature controlled electrode
  • Parallel plate, cathode coupling configuration for enhanced efficiency
  • A 300W 13.56 MHz RF power supply with automatic matching for optimal performance
  • A symmetrical evacuation design, paired with a turbo molecular pump, establishes a streamlined vacuum flow, optimizing efficiency. Additionally, a closely coupled gas delivery box minimizes residence time by eliminating the delays associated with lengthy gas delivery pipes.
  • A turbo molecular pump (200 liters/sec) backed by a robust dry rotary pump (500 liters/min)
  • An optimized shower head to deliver process gas uniformly.
  • The result is a range of plasma etch systems with a large process window, excellent process control, and uniformity.
  • Proposed process Gases: CF4, SF6, O2, Ar

Schematic diagram of the RIE 10NR system:

Applications:  Highly controllable anisotropic etching of a variety of materials, including semiconductors (e.g., crystalline, polycrystalline oxides, 2D Transition-metal dichalcogenides, etc.), dielectrics (e.g., oxides, nitrides, etc.) and metals (e.g., Poly-Si, conducting oxides, Au, TiN, including refractory metals, Mo, W, etc.) as well as carbon-based materials (e.g., graphene, MXenes, etc.).

Approximate starting date: Spring 2024. Micro/NanoFab Core, MRL


Kurt J. Lesker 150LX Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition System

The Kurt J. Lesker Company (KJLC) ALD150LX is an Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system designed specifically for advanced research and development (R&D) applications. With an emphasis on enabling and supporting innovative, cutting-edge technology at the R&D level, the ALD150LX serves not only as a stand-alone platform, but provides connectivity with additional process and analysis modules in a cluster tool configuration.  ALD150LX cluster tool connectivity eliminates unwanted atmosphere exposure between critical process and analysis steps to protect sensitive surfaces, layers and their interfaces. This connectivity includes the integration of additional ALD and analysis modules, as well as other KJLC thin film deposition technologies for multi-technique process and analysis capability and support that are second-to-none in the industry. Combined quality, flexibility and performance, as well as multi-technique process and analysis capability make the ALD150LX an innovative, best-in-class design.



Process wafers up to 6-inch in diameter.

Controllable independent substrate heater stage (up to 600oC)

Unique Perpendicular Flow Reactor

Thermal or plasma-enhanced ALD configuration

In-situ ellipsometry for real time thin film thickness monitoring

Multiple inlets for precursor delivery (up to 12 precursor sources)

Unique heater design on source modules 

control software

Typical Processes:

Al2O3, TiO2, SiO2, Ta2O5, HfO2, ZrO2, HZO, ZnO, AZO, AIN, TiN, GaN Pt and Ru (many others available, please inquire).


Expected early fall of 2024. Micro/NanoFab Core, MRL.