JEOL 7000F Analytical SEM


The JSM-7000F SEM offers very high resolution, a multi-purpose specimen chamber, a motorized automated specimen stage, one-action specimen exchange, and ideal analytical geometry with large probe current at small probe diameter to meet the needs for high performance characterization of nanostructures using techniques including EDS, WDS, EBSD, and CL.


Analytical Accessories

  • Thermo Electron EDS and WDS X-ray Microanalysis System with atmospheric thin window EDS detector and high performance WDS parallel beam spectrometer with hybrid X-ray optics
  • HKL Technology EBSD System with high resolution camera for crystallographic measurements, high speed texture mapping, and phase identification. Forward Scatter Detector for crystallographic contrast imaging
  • Gatan MonoCL3 Cathodoluminesence(CL) Spectrometer and imaging system for 300-1700nm. Liquid He Cooled stage module

Major Specifications

  • Resolution 1.2nm (30kV) , 1.5 nm (15kV), 3.0 nm (1kV) imaging performance 3.0 nm (15 kV, 10 mm, 5nA) for high resolution analytical performance
  • Accelerating Voltage 0.5 to 30 kV
  • Electron Source Schottky Field Emission Gun
  • Probe Current <1 pA to >200nA
  • Magnification x10 to 500,000
  • Image Modes Secondary Electron Image, Backscattered Electron Image (Composition, Topography), Forward Scatter detector (EBSD), Cathodoluminesence
  • Accessory Ports 11 ports with optimized geometry for analytical detectors Specimen Stage Eucentric goniometer (5 axis motorized) X=70mm, Y=50mm, Z=3 to 41 mm, R=360° (endless) T=-5 to 70°
  • Image Store Up to 2560 x 2048 pixels Analytical Working Distance 10mm EDS 15mm WDS 


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