MRL Facilities Orientation

Orientation for New MRL Researchers

To help you get started with research at the MRL Central Research Facilities, the MRL staff present an orientation for researchers new to this facility. You’ll learn:

  • how to find your way around the facility and better understand the various instrumentation options
  • strategies for working safely at MRL
  • how to use the training request and scheduling system
  • answers to common questions about the facility

You can complete the orientation even if you have not yet submitted a proposal or if your proposal has not yet been approved. If you haven’t already submitted an online proposal to use the MRL Central Research Facilities, please do so. Instrument training requires project approval and an MRL user ID.

MRL Orientation is required before all other training can be scheduled. Completing the MRL Orientation consists of:

After completing MRL Orientation, you may request training for specific instruments/techniques, if your proposal has been approved for those techniques. 

If your research requires access to the MRL cleanrooms, completing the MRL Cleanroom Orientation is also required. For more information on the requirements to perform lithography, etching or deposition, email Dr. Xiaoli Wang.