Two-Color Time Domain Thermoreflectance - TRMOKE

This equipment was funded through the Illinois MRSEC, NSF Award Number DMR-1720633.

TDTR is a modality of femtosecond pump/probe spectroscopy. It is used to observe optically-induced changes in optical properties on a 100’s of fs time-scale. Primarily applied to study thermal properties of thin films and across interfaces, our custom-built instruments also allow for time-resolved magneto-optical Kerr-effect measurements. Our two color setup, with pump and probe at different wavelengths (820 nm and 633 nm, currently), is based on the Spectra-Physics Inspire OPO system that generates multiple (up to 4) ultrashort (100-200fs) optical pulses at different wavelengths within a wide tunability range of 490-2500nm.