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Tergeo-EM Plasma Cleaner

The Tergeo-EM plasma cleaner can be used to remove hydrocarbon contaminations on TEM and SEM samples. It can accept two TEM specimen holders at the same time. The front adapters currently support both Thermo-fisher and JEOL specimen holders. Users can also directly load SEM and TEM samples into the plasma chamber. The chamber is large enough to hold two 4" wafers. It can be used to make TEM grid hydrophilic for cryo-EM applications. The dual plasma source design and pulsed mode operation enable wide range of applications including high speed removal contaminations to gentle surface activation of ultra-thin holey carbon grids and graphene grids.

Tergeo-EM plasma cleaner integrates both immersion mode plasma cleaning (samples are immersed in plasma) and downstream mode plasma cleaning (samples are placed outside the plasma) in one system. Downstream plasma clean eliminates ion sputtering from samples. In addition, unique pulsed mode operation can generate extremely short plasma pulses to further reduced the plasma intensity for delicate samples. Integrated plasma sensor technology monitors the plasma strength in real time. It helps user to set up right cleaning recipe for different types of samples.




Senior Research Scientist
Senior Research Scientist