Princeton Scientific WS-25 Precision Wire Saw

The Princeton WS-25 Precision Wire Saw can perform cuts using a  diamond dotted wire as well as with free abrasive method by using thin tungsten wire moistened with an oil or glycerin-suspended abrasive slurry. High cutting accuracy is achieved by the following features:

  • Wire moves rapidly back and forth in an oscillatory motion.
  • The wire frame stays at the same vertical position throughout the entire process.
  • The sample is automatically moved up during the cutting process.
  • To prevent wire wear, new wire is fed continuously to the cutting area with electronically controlled motor.

The wire saw is ideal for high precision cutting of relatively small samples of a few mm size. Cutting speed depends on the wire load, sample hardness, sample shape and materials as well as the type of cutting wires used.

The wire saw also came with goniometers that can be moved between the saw and the X-Ray Laue diffraction measurement system. This allows precise cutting of the sample at crystallographic directions determined according to the Laue system measurement.

This instrument was purchased with financial support from the Illinois Quantum Information Science and Technology Center.


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Princeton Scientific WS-25 Precision Wire Saw



Senior Research Scientist
Senior Research Scientist