JEOL JSM-6060LV Low-Vacuum SEM

The JSM-6060LV is a general purpose high-performance scanning electron microscope with excellent secondary electron imaging and backscattered electron Imaging resolution. The intuitive PC interface allows the instrument to be easily operated by novices after a relatively short introduction to SEM and training session, along with some subsequent practice. The specimen chamber can accommodate a specimen of up to 5 inches in diameter. Operation training emphasizes "manual" operation and optimizing alignment and operating parameters, rather than automated functions, to facilitate better understanding of the basic theory of operation. As the user develops skills, this also helps insure optimal images are obtained. The fully automatic Low Vacuum (variable pressure) mode allows for observation of specimens that cannot be viewed at high vacuum because of a nonconductive surface or excessive water content. In addition to an X-ray microanalysis system, it can also perform basic EBIC imaging.

Major Specifications

  • Resolution 
    • High Vacuum mode: 3.5nm (30 kV, 6mm WD)
    • Low Vacuum mode: 4.0nm (30 kV, 6mm WD)
  • Accelerating Voltage
    • 0.5 to 30 kV (53 steps)
  • Electron Source
    • Pre-centered W hairpin filament
  • Probe Current
    • 1 pA to ~1000nA
  • Magnification
    • x5(48 mm WD) to 300,000 (149 steps)
  • Image Modes
    • Secondary Electron Image Backscattered Electron Image (Composition, Topography, and Shadow), solid state type detectors
  • Objective Lens
    • Conical lens, WD 6 to 48 mm
  • Objective Aperture
    • 30 micron, manually centered with OL wobbler
  • Specimen Stage
    • Eucentric goniometer, X=80mm, Y=40mm, Z=5 to 48mm, R=360° (endless), T=-10 to 90°
  • Image Store
    • 1280 x 960 pixels
  • Analytical Working Distance
    • 10mm for EDS and Standard Operation
  • Vacuum Mode Changeover
    • Automatic (PC interface controlled)
    • LV mode (10 - 270 Pa)
    • LV Detecter: BEI (all modes)
  • Energy Dispersive X-ray Microanalysis 
    • iXRF EDS Elemental Analysis System
    • 10 mm2 ATW Oxford Instruments Si(Li) X-ray Detector
    • 130 eV resolution (Mn K-alpha)
    • Light Element Detection (Be-U)
    • Sensitivities typically (0.1% - 1%)
    • Qualitative Analysis
    • Quantitative Analysis (excluding light elements and with certain limitations and requirements)
    • Digital X-ray Mapping and Imaging, X-ray Linescans

Tutorial video for JEOL 6060LV covering basic sample preparation, sputter coating and instrument operation available here.

JEOL JSM-6060LV Low-Vacuum SEM



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