Hysitron TI-950 TriboIndenter

Equipment Location: 
0013 Supercon


The Hysitron TI 950 TriboIndenter at the Materials Research Laboratory is a versatile instrument with capabilities beyond traditional quasistatic nanoindentation. In addition to a standard transducer which can apply micronewton-to-few-mN loads over a displacement range of several micrometers, a high load transducer allows indents to be made at loads of up to 2.8 N over a displacement of up to 90 microns.

Both of these transducers are capable of scratch testing in addition to indentation. Additional capabilities available on this instrument include nanoDMA, nanoECR, and acoustic emission. nanoDMA measurements investigate viscoelastic properties of materials by applying a small modulation to the load during the indent. nanoECR measurements provide information about electrical resistance of the sample as a function of applied load and contact area. An acoustic emission sensor in close proximity to the tip can detect acoustic waves due to cracking in samples as they are indented, giving information about fracture mechanisms. The standard and nanoDMA transducers are compatible with a heating stage that can raise the sample temperature to approximately 400 degrees C. Automated measurement routines permit large numbers of indents to be made to enable good measurement statistics, and in situ scanning probe imaging permits precise placement of indents on nanoscale features.