Hysitron TI-950 TriboIndenter

Hysitron TI950 Close up
Hysitron TI950 Close up

The Hysitron TI 950 is an automated and high throughput nanomechanical characterization instrument.  The patented capacitive transducer technology provides superior measurement sensitivity, accuracy, and reliability during the nanoindentation process.  It has a large open sample stage to work with a variety of sample types and sizes from 12 inch wafers to samples embedded in epoxy and polished.  Sample mounting options include magnetic attachment, superglue (very thin layers only), clamps with screws, and a vacuum stage to hold samples that have smooth, solid bottom surfaces.

Instrument Specifications

Normal Displacement:

  • Vertical travel 50 mm
  • Indentation depth > 5 µm
  • Thermal drift 0.05 nm/s

Normal Load:

  • Maximum load 10 mN

Lateral Load:

  • Maximum load 2 mN

High Load Transducer:

  • Maximum lateral force 5 N
  • Maximum scratch length 25 mm
  • Maximum normal force 2.8 N
  • Maximum normal displacement 80 µm

Optical Microscope:

  • Optical objective 20X + digital zoom
  • Maximum field of view 772 x 588 µm

X,Y,Z translation stage:

  • XY x Z travel 250 mm x 50 mm

Commonly Used Advanced Modes

In-Situ SPM Imaging:

  • Qualitative surface analysis before and after testing


  • Quantitative material properties including hardness and modulus


  • Ramping/reciprocating force scratch for quantification of film delamination and friction

Scanning Wear:

  • Quantifying wear resistance and wear volume

XPM Features:

  • Acquire large quantities of statistical data fast
  • Collect tip-area-function within a minute
  • 500x faster than conventional nanoindentation
  • High-speed quantitative mechanical property mapping


The nanoDMA III provides a quantitative and continuous measurement of mechanical properties—including hardness, storage modulus, loss modulus, complex modulus, and tan delta—as a function of indentation depth, frequency, and time.

Hysitron TI950 Full Machine View
Hysitron TI950 - Full Machine View


Training video: youtube.com/watch?v=dvGS-MvUQQk


Senior Research Scientist
Senior Research Scientist