Horiba XploRA-nano TERS/TEPL


The XploRA PLUS Raman Microscope head-based tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) and tip enhanced photoluminescence (TEPL) from Horiba, Inc. is a fully integrated TERS/TEPL system based on SmartSPM state of the art scanning probe microscope (SPM) and XploRA Raman micro-spectrometer. It uses a feedback light source with wavelength of 1300 nm. Filters at the feedback light source and detector avoid interference from the lasers used for spectroscopy. This allows for co-localized and simultaneous TERS and atomic force microscopy (AFM) measurements with excitation wavelengths of 532 nm and 638 nm. Some of the main instrument features are:

  • Fully motorized and automated SPM feedback laser alignment.
  • Automatic cantilever to the spectroscopic laser alignment after AFM tip exchange.
  • Motorized sample scanning stage with 10 nm step resolution and 70 x 50 mm X-Y movement range.
  • Scanning range 30 x 30 x 15 µm.
  • Conductive AFM measurement module allows low current Kelvin Probe measurements in a range of 100 fA to 10 microamperes.
  • Top-down and side spectroscopy excitation and collection allowing different measurement geometries.
  • The SPM and the optical microscope can be operated as stand-alone instruments.
  • The optical microscope is fully automated, truly confocal and capable of point and fast spectroscopic imaging.
  • Confocal Raman / PL operation with a spatial resolution of 500 nm in XY and 1.5 microns in Z.
  • In TERS / TEPL mode, spatial resolution is dictated by SPM probe diameter and can be better than 10 nm.
  • Integrated spectrometer with four automated tunable gratings (600, 1200, 1800, and 2400 gr/mm) enabling different spectral ranges and resolutions.
  • Spectral resolutions of 1.4 cm-1 (532 nm laser) and 1.2 cm-1 (638 nm laser) at 520 cm?¹.
  • The spectral detector is a deep-cooled, front-illuminated low-noise / high-sensitivity EMCCD detector featuring a dark current of < 0.003 e-/pixel/s and readout noise < 1 e- at 3 MHz.
  • Fully motorized, software-controlled polarization optics.
  • High efficiency filters allow Raman detection from 50 cm-1 and 60 cm-1 for the red and the green laser, respectively.
  • Photocurrent mapping module for photocurrent, photovoltage, electroluminescence applications, which provides precision voltage and current sourcing and measurement capabilities.


Senior Research Scientist