Hitachi H-9500 Dynamic Environmental TEM

Hitachi H-9500 Dynamic Environmental TEM | B66A MRL The H-9500 is a high resolution 100-300 kV ETEM with a LaB6 electron gun equipped for study of dynamic material reactions down to the atomic scale. This is a user-friendly TEM for atomic-resolution TEM imaging and routine structural characterization. It is equipped with the Gatan Orius SC200 2kx2k CCD Camera and the Gatan K2-IS 4kx4k direct electron detection CMOS high speed camera capable of imaging and recording at up 400 full frames per second (up to 1600 fps for sub-frames). Together with the inherent differential pumping system and an add-on gas injection system for windowless environmental conditions up to ~0.1 Pa at the sample, a gas injection heating holder (to 1500 C), and a Hummingbird liquid electrochemistry cell holder; This makes it a high performance in-situ characterization TEM, with capabilities of resolving dynamic details in heating, catalysis, TEM diffraction, electrical testing, and chemical reaction experiments with high spatial and time resolution. Increasing time resolution and adding in situ capabilities have been among the prime goals in TEM development. Towards furthering this capability, pulse laser systems are being developed for dynamically exciting the electron source as a photocathode and the specimen for performing dynamic pump-probe experiments at very high temporal resolution from current 2.5 milliseconds to ~250 femto-seconds.


  • User-friendly operation: High specimen throughput, requiring 1 minute for specimen exchange and 5 minutes for voltage ramp-up (300 kV) and beam-on.
  • High-resolution microscopy: Point-to-point resolution of 0.18 nm and lattice resolution of 0.1 nm.A stable 5-axis eucentric goniometer stage.
  • Accelerating voltage: 300 kV, 200 kV, 100 kV Electron gun: Filament: LaB6 (DC heating)
  • Resolution: 0.10 nm (lattice), 0.18 nm (point-to-point)
  • Illumination system: 4-stage lens system
  • Probe size: Micro mode: 0.05 - 0.2 µm (4 steps), Nano mode: 1 - 10 nm (4 steps)
  • Imaging system: 5-stage lens system
  • Stage translation Motor drive by CPU control X/Y = ±1 mm, Z = ±0.3 mm, tilt α = ±15°, β = ±15°
  • Orius SC200 CCD Camera and the K2 IS direct electron detection CMOS high speed camera
  • Vacuum system: Electron gun: Ion pump: 60 L/s; Column: TMP: 260 L/s; Viewing/camera chamber: Diffusion pump: 280 L/s
  • Hitachi single tilt holder
  • Hitachi standard double tilt holder
  • Hitachi in-situ gas injection heating holder
  • Hummingbird liquid cell electrochemistry holder


Senior Research Scientist
Senior Research Scientist