FEI Helios 600i Dual Beam SEM/FIB

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The Helios NanoLab 600i is an advanced SEM/FIB DualBeam™ workstation for ultra-high resolution imaging and focussed Ga+ ion beam milling for nano-prototyping, nano-machining, nano-analysis, and sample preparation for TEM and atom probe.


  • Schottky Field Emission Cathode and UHR electron column ( Elstar) with dual mode, magnetic immersion and field free, objective lens with electrostatic scanning,
  • Sub-nanometer SEM resolution at higher beam energies and 1.4 nm@1 kV
  • Standard E-T SE detector and in-lens SE and BSE with high-angle collection
  • A high sensitivity, retractable solid-state directional backscattered detector (DBS) for high angle BSE‘s.
  • STEM detector for both bright and dark-field imaging transmitted electron imaging (0.8 nm at 30 kV).
  • Beam deceleration mode for low landing energies and imaging with sample bias up to 4kV. Highly sensitive large angle backscattered electron detection with the DBS detector.
  • High-resolution (field emission) ion optics (Tomahawk™ column), featuring a two-stage differential pumping and time of flight correction enabling fine high-accuracy FIB milling, deposition and etching.  Beam currents up to 65 nA for rapid milling.  Resolution down to 4.0nm at 0.1 pA @ 30 kV.  Operation down to 500V for near damage free cleaning. 
  • High performance Ion Conversion and Electron (ICE) detector for secondary ions (SI) and electrons (SE)
  • Platinum deposition Gas Injection Systems for EBID and IBID
  • FIB charge neutralizer (low energy electron flood source) for milling non-conductors
  • High-precision specimen piezo goniometer stage with 150 mm travel along the x and y axes.
  • IR camera for viewing sample/column, Optical color Nav-Cam for sample navigation.
  • Integrated plasma cleaner, and CryoCleaner LN2 contamination trap
  • A high-resolution, 16-bit digital patterning engine capable of Simultaneous Pattern and Imaging (iSPI™)
  • Integrated Real Time Monitor (iRTM) of milling image
  • OmniProbe AutoProbe™ 200 in-situ nano-manipulatorand sample lift-out system with 10 nm positioning resolutionallows the preparation of site specific TEM samples.
  • AutoTEM software for automated milling of TEM lamellae.
  • Auto Slice and View Basic for serial sectioning and imaging.
  • Amira Software for 3D reconstruction of serial sections.
  • iFast Developers Tool Kit (programming automation)TM 600