Illinois Vice Chancellor for Research, ECE professor among 64 engineers selected
Scientists find underlying molecular cause for form of deafness, conceptual connection between deafness, liquid crystals.
Researchers at Illinois, Argonne resolve controversy over hydrophobic surfaces.
Simple methods allow integration transistor classes, other semiconductor devices on a single substrate.
Prof. Todd Martinez among 10 Illinois faculty awarded honor by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Ph.D. student Khalid Hattaris the winner of the Materials Today cover competition for 2006.
Van Harlingen, team say the debate on the pairing symmetry of strontium ruthenium oxide is over
FS-MRL PIs Nuzzo and Rogers, groups, Argonne collaborators highlight class of quasi-3D plasmonic crystal.
Prof. Kenneth Suslick, grad student Nathan Eddingsaas used high-intensity ultrasound in sugar to create mechanoluminescence.
Illinois researchers' finding removes one obstacle in the development of quantum devices
Illinois researchers with Prof. Alexey Bezryadin discover phenomenon, develop theory to explain it.
Prof. John Rogers, other develop large-scale, high-performance electronic circuits that can be applied to any surface.
PI David Cahill serves as Guest Editor, authors theme article for issue of MRS Bulletin.
The May 2006 issue of Nano Letters features the work of Erik Luijten and post-doc Angelo Cacciuto on polymers under confineme
The National Academies released the names of 72 new members.
Potential applications of technology are wide-ranging, include devices that would be difficult with conventional electronics.
Quantum nature of magnetism, superconductivity discovered by Illinois, Los Alamos researchers.
Prof. Jennifer Lewis' research on 3D synthetic diatoms from ink writing assembled scaffolds featured.
Controlling the characteristics of quantum well states at a quantum level is critical for thin film applications.
The next wave in electronics could be wavy electronics.