Kenneth Schweizer has been recognized as the 2008 recipient of the Polymer Physics Prize of the American Physical Society.
FS-MRL and partners have met a major goal ahead of schedule.
Rogers and colleagues created superior methods for liquid printing by using nanoscale nozzles.
Work by Professors Dana Dlott & David Cahill to develop an ultrafast thermal measurement technique
Rogers selected to receive the 2007 Baekeland Award, presented by the North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society.
Professor Jennifer A. Lewis (MatSE) has been named the sixth director of the Seitz Materials Research Laboratory.
Paul Braun and Jennifer Lewis describe the fabrication and optical properties of a germanium inverse woodpile structure.
By applying sheets of Si to a stretched rubber sheet, the silicon can be buckled into previously unseen geometries.
Illinois researchers have constructed a model that describes avalanche-like, phase-slip cascades in the superflow of helium.
Prof. Kenneth Schweizer, group develops a theory that predicts how some materials age.
Illinois researchers have found a novel way to manipulate matter and drive chemical reactions along a desired direction.
Prof. John Rogers honored by the Illinois Alpha chapter of Tau Beta Pi, the national engineering honor society.
Illinois Vice Chancellor for Research, ECE professor among 64 engineers selected
Scientists find underlying molecular cause for form of deafness, conceptual connection between deafness, liquid crystals.
Researchers at Illinois, Argonne resolve controversy over hydrophobic surfaces.
Simple methods allow integration transistor classes, other semiconductor devices on a single substrate.
Van Harlingen, team say the debate on the pairing symmetry of strontium ruthenium oxide is over
Prof. Todd Martinez among 10 Illinois faculty awarded honor by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Ph.D. student Khalid Hattaris the winner of the Materials Today cover competition for 2006.
FS-MRL PIs Nuzzo and Rogers, groups, Argonne collaborators highlight class of quasi-3D plasmonic crystal.