Workshop to feature experts in data science, multiscale modeling

A Computational Materials Workshop will be held August 14-15 at NCSA. The themes of the workshop will be data science and multiscale modeling, from electronic structure to the continuum.

According to one of the workshop’s organizers, these are not only important emerging themes in the field, but are also areas of expertise on the Illinois campus.

“We’re very excited to welcome eight computational materials thought-leaders from around the country,” said Mechanical Science and Engineering professor Harley Johnson. “With the experts we have in the College of Engineering, NCSA, and other units around campus, as well as the infrastructure we have on campus, we are certainly one of the top places for this kind of work.”

The two-day workshop will feature eight distinguished invited speakers, along with several program managers and industry representatives, all of whom are interested in multiscale materials modeling and data science. The confirmed speakers include:

·       Dr. Ben Blaiszik, University of Chicago

·       Dr. Maria Chan, Argonne National Laboratory

·       Dr. Stephen Foiles, Sandia National Laboratory

·       Prof. Somnath Ghosh, Johns Hopkins University

·       Dr. Danny Perez, Los Alamos National Laboratory

·       Prof. Alejandro Strachan, Purdue University

·       Prof. Ellad Tadmor, University of Minnesota

·       Prof. Shiwei Zhang, College of William and Mary

In addition, a poster session will be held to show off the work of the many local faculty, students, and researchers working on topics in this area. All Illinois research groups are encouraged to participate. Each poster presenter will have 1-2 minutes to briefly advertise his or her poster prior to the session, which is expected to be highly interactive. 

“I’m looking forward to hearing new ideas in using data science to push forward computational materials,” Johnson said. “I also expect that we will have some interesting discussions about software in materials computation. Both of these topics are well-aligned with NCSA priorities. We are very thankful for the support from the College and from NCSA that is allowing us to put together this exciting program.”

Registration is free, but all participants need to sign up in order for organizers to have an accurate head count.

The workshop website is available at

The other workshop organizers are Professor David Ceperley from Physics and Professor Dallas Trinkle from Materials Science and Engineering.