MRL Joins DOE Solar America Initiative

An MRL proposal led by Prof. John Rogers (MatSE) as PI and co-PIs Ralph Nuzzo (Chemistry) and Jennifer Lewis (MatSE) has been selected for funding through the DOE Solar America Initiative.

Professor John A. Rogers
Professor John A. Rogers

The formal press release may be viewed at:

As part of the DOE EERE 'Next Generation Photovoltaic Devices & Processes" funding opportunity announcement, MRL will receive a total of $900,000 over three years through the program. The team will seek a low cost concentrator PV from automated printing and the interconnection of a large number of microcells with built-in optics.

The Solar America Initiative is an effort aimed at accelerating the development of solar energy technology with a primary goal of making solar power cost-competitive with conventional sources of electricity by the year 2015.

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