Novocontrol Concept 47 Analyzer

Novocontrol Concept 47 Analyzer


The Novocontrol Analyzer is designed for the electric/dielectric characterization of materials. Frequency response analysis, dielectric/impedance spectroscopy and conductivity spectroscopy can be performed with this instrument. This modular system features the Novocontrol Alpha-A frequency response analyzer combined with PHECOS Lite temperature control system. Samples are sandwiched between two circular, gold plated electrodes, then placed into the instrument for testing. Results can be analyzed as measured or re-plot to fit various equations such as Arrhenius or Cole-Cole plots. Parameters for the Concept 47 system are listed below.


Frequency range – 3 µHz – 20 MHz

Temperature range – -35 °C – 150 °C

Sample diameter options – 40 mm, 30 mm, 20 mm

Electrode configurations – 2-wire mode available


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