Malvern Zetasizer

Equipment Location: 
133 MRL

The Zetasizer uses laser technology to measure both size and zeta-potential. The size measurement is limited to 0.6nm to 6 microns and uses reflective light and Brownian motion. Our instrument uses a 633nm red laser fitted to do both front and back light scatter. The instrument is equipped to assist with specimen quality evaluation, automatic charts, data processing, and various report formats for the user. Special cuvettes and dip cells are used for the zetapotential analysis. Zetapotential operates on the two shared principles of Electrophoresis and Laser Doppler Velocimetry, how fast a particle moves in a liquid when an electrical field is applied, from which the zetapotential is calculated. The most common sample used is in aqueous format. However, working with solvents is possible, and all such solvent work should be worked out with the MRL staff contact before starting the project.