The MRL Central Research Facilities offer cutting-edge instrumentation and expert professional staff for materials research.

While we are unable to be a physical presence in the Materials Research Laboratory, we are still a strong remote presence. New and prospective users are encouraged to submit proposals to access the facilities as we are still processing them. We are scheduling training sessions to start as soon as the facilities reopen. Online training and orientation options are still available. Our staff is available online (including video conferences upon request) to answer any questions and support your research. Please feel free to reach out to us any time.

Shared user facilities broaden access to expensive and complex cutting-edge research instrumentation while providing for maintenance and continuous development by a dedicated professional staff.  The presence of the facilities dramatically enchances intellectual interactions among researchers.  Additionally, having expert scientists who work with users every day improves efficiency as well as quality of the scientific results.

MRL operates as a user facility, enabling researchers to use instruments independently after completing the application process and necessary training.