Angela Kou

Angela Kou
Angela Kou
Assistant Professor, Physics
216 Seitz Materials Research Lab

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Research Statement

Prof. Kou's work is at the interface between condensed matter physics and quantum information science, with a focus on topological materials. Her research uses superconducting circuits and scanned probe microscopies to build and investigate topological materials.

Post-Doctoral Research Opportunities

We are looking for postdocs to work on superconducting qubits and/or sensing of topological materials.

Graduate Research Opportunities

We are looking for students to work on building superconducting circuits for sensing topological materials.

Research Interests

  • Topological materials
  • Novel superconducting circuits
  • Hybrid superconducting circuits

Selected Articles in Journals

Recent Courses Taught

  • PHYS 102 - College Physics: E&M & Modern
  • PHYS 212 - University Physics: Elec & Mag
  • PHYS 498 SQD - Special Topics in Physics