Equipment List

Equipment Name Contact Location Technique(s)
4155c Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer (Agilent), used with Lake Shore and custom probe station 326 MRL
6" Tube oxidation furnace 328 MRL
Acid Fume Hood 359 MRL
AJA ATC2000 Sputter Coater 1 336 MRL
AJA E-beam evaporator 1 348 MRL
AJA Orion 3 Sputter Coater 2 326 MRL
AJA Orion-8 Magnetron Sputtering System 336 MRL
AJA Orion-8 Sputtering System for Magnetic Materials 336 MRL
Allied MultiPrep System B56 MRL
Allied TechCut 4™ Precision Low Speed Saw B56 MRL
Asylum Research Cypher 0014 Supercon
Asylum Research Cypher STM 0014 Supercon
Asylum Research MFP-3D AFM 0014 Supercon
Au-Pd Sputter Coater - Emitech K575 0018 Supercon
Au-Pd Sputter Coater - Emscope SC 500 0021 Supercon
Ball Bonder (25 um Gold wire, K&S 4524A) 326 MRL
Bench Top Probe Station (Custom) 326 MRL
Box furnace – max temperature 900°C 328 MRL
Bruker D8 Advance XRD System with High-Temperature Sample Stage 148 MRL
Cameca LEAP 5000X Atom Probe Tomography B01 MRL
Commonwealth Scientific Ion Milling & Thermal Evaporator System 334 MRL
Cressington Carbon Coater 108carbon/A B59 MRL
Discovery 2500 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) 133 MRL
FEI Helios 600i Dual Beam SEM/FIB B58 MRL
FEI Strata Dual Beam 235 SEM/FIB B62 MRL
FEI Themis Z Advanced Probe Aberration Corrected Analytical TEM/STEM B66 MRL
FEI Vitrobot Mark III MRL B59
Fischione 1020 plasma cleaner B70 MRL
Fischione 2550 Cryo Transfer Tomography Holder 0011 Supercon
Gaertner L116C 248 MRL