Temperature-Controlled Cryogenic Vacuum Probe Station

Equipment Location: 
326 MRL

The LakeShore FWPX Cryogenic Probe Station is a great characterization tool for taking electrical measurements in a temperature range from ~ 10 K (when using liquid Helium) or 77 K (when using liquid Nitrogen) up  to 475 K, and in a vacuum environment down to 10-5 Torr. The electrical signals are taken through the Agilent 4155C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer which has 4 SMU units with a voltage output range of -100 to 100 V and a current output range of  -100 to 100 mA. Users can perform temperature-dependent measurements of I-V and C-V curves, and other high and low frequency tests.

Temperature Controlled Cryogenic Vacuum Probe Station
Temperature Controlled Cryogenic Vacuum Probe Station


  • Temperature Range: 10 K (liquid Helium) or 77 K (Liquid Nitrogen) to 475 K.
  • Heater Power Output: 3 options available for 500 mW5 W, and 50 W.
  • Chamber Vacuum Level: 10-5 Torr.
  • Maximum Sample Size: 4 inch in diameter.
  • Maximum Probe Arms: 4.
  • Sample Stage Rotation: ± 5 o
  • Temperature Controller: Model 331 Cryogenic Temperature Controller.
  • Vibration Isolated Air Table.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Dewar: MVE Lab 30,30 Liters


  • LakeShore ZN50R probes.

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