Equipment Location: 
0011 Supercon

The 2100 Cryo is a conventional TEM with large pole piece gap. It is optimized for BF/DF imaging, diffraction and high sample tilts. Also capable of imaging ultrathin biological tissue sections. It operates at 80, 100, 120 and 200kV. The 2100 Cryo is equipped with a combined video rate/slow scan camera for real time imaging and final image recording. It has a low-dose mode. A high tilt is available with +/-70 degrees using a special tip for the single tilt holder. Cryo transfer stage, double tilt heating, and liquid N2 stages are available.

Biological imaging:

Ultrathin sections of a canine nasal biopsy imaged on the JEOL 2100 cryo TEM under standard conditions (200kV). (A) Overview of mucosal cell cilia. Scale, 1μm. (B) Higher magnification micrograph highlighting microtubules (arrows) inside the cilia. Scale, 100 nm.


  • Cs = 2.0mm
  • Energy 80, 100, 120 and 200kV
  • +/-70 degrees (special single tilt holder)
  • Point resolution = 0.27nm
  • Information Limit > 0.14nm
  • Side Entry Goniometer - Cryo Pole Piece


  • Digital Imaging - Gatan UltraScan 2kx2k CCD
  • Computer Control - Digital Micrograph
  • Free Lens Control
  • Cryo transfer stage
  • 1000ºC double tilt holder
  • Liquid N2 double tilt holder