Equipment Location: 
0011 Supercon

The 2100 Cryo is a conventional TEM with large pole piece gap. It is optimized for BF/DF imaging, diffraction and high sample tilts. It operates at 80, 100, 120 and 200kV. The 2100 Cryo is equipped with a combined video rate/slow scan camera for real time imaging and final image recording. It has a low-dose mode. A high tilt is available with +/-70 degrees using a special tip for the single tilt holder. Cryo transfer stage, double tilt heating, and liquid N2 stages are available.


  • Cs = 2.0mm
  • Energy 80, 100, 120 and 200kV
  • +/-70 degrees (special single tilt holder)
  • Point resolution = 0.27nm
  • Information Limit > 0.14nm
  • Side Entry Goniometer - Cryo Pole Piece


  • Digital Imaging - Gatan UltraScan 2kx2k CCD
  • Computer Control - Digital Micrograph
  • Free Lens Control
  • Cryo transfer stage
  • 1000ºC double tilt holder
  • Liquid N2 double tilt holder