Quantum Materials at the Nanoscale

Nanoscale layers
Nanoscale layers

Our specific aims are to explore, understand, and control the nanoscale structure of quantum materials whose behavior is dominated by strong interparticle correlations and competing energy scales. Nanoscale features may arise spontaneously via interactions or by quantum confinement via nanofabrication, and may be responsible for the superlative and highly tunable electronic, magnetic, and optical properties characteristic of complex materials.

Cluster members:

  • Peter Abbamonte
  • Alexey Bezryadin
  • Raffi Budakian
  • Lance Cooper
  • James Eckstein
  • Euduardo Fradkin
  • Laura Greene
  • Taylor Hughes
  • Anthony Leggett
  • Nadya Mason
  • Dale Van Harlingen
  • Smitha Visheshwara