Micro/Nano Fabrication and Cleanroom

Wire bonding is a method of connecting metallic wires to electronic devices. The wire bonds are performed using ultrasonic transducers that convert a high frequency electronic signal to mechanical energy in the ultrasonic range (63kHz).

This equipment was funded through the Illinois MRSEC, NSF Award Number DMR-1720633.


The MicroFab cleanroom is used for a wide range of micro and nano-fabrication projects. In addition to UIUC researchers, the cleanroom allows outside academic users as well as users from industry.

Raith eLine EBL system is an electron beam lithography system that has a ZEISS SEM column equipped with a Thermal Field Emission electron gun. The accelerating voltage can be operated at 10 - 30kV. It is capable of patterning ultra fine features with resolution down to 10 nm in PMMA ebeam resist. It has a standard 30 μm aperture along with 7.5 up to 120 µm aperture. Standard write field size is 100 μm and ranges between 1µm to 1 mm. Field stitching error is typically less than 40 nm. Standard sample holder can accommodate up to 5” wafer.