TEAM Microscope Demonstrates Record 0.5Å Spatial Resolution

The Transmission Electron Aberration-corrected Microscope project (TEAM) has met a major goal, and ahead of schedule. Tests performed on the TEAM 0.5 microscope have demonstrated 0.5 Å resolution. This marks a new record in electron microscopy and paves the way for new kinds of experiments and exploration of the atomic structure in nanomaterials. The microscope is a special design that builds on the advanced commercial column produced by FEI company, with added techniques and instrumentation developed by TEAM.

TEAM is one of the Department of Energy’s 20-year facilities roadmap projects, led by Berkeley Lab with collaborators at Argonne, Oak Ridge, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Frederick Seitz Materials Research Laboratory has participated in the TEAM project from its inception in 1999 and funding in 2004. Our staff scientists - led by Ivan Petrov (Central Facilities Director) - collaborate with the National Center for Electron Microscopy (NCEM) at LBNL in the research, development, design, and fabrication of a new stage for the TEAM instrument that provides sample control with unprecedented stability and accuracy.

After completion of the full battery of acceptance tests later this year, the TEAM 0.5 instrument will be installed at NCEM and become a user facility in the fall of 2008 – to be replaced with TEAM I in 2009. TEAM 0.5 corrects for spherical aberration, while TEAM I will be the world's first electron microscope that is corrected for both spherical and chromatic aberration.

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