Materials Science and Engineering Assistant Professor Pinshane Huang Receives 3M 2017 Non-Tenured Faculty Award

Materials science and engineering assistant professor Pinshane Huang recently received the 3M 2017 Non-Tenured Faculty Award (NTFA). 


The Non-Tenured Faculty Award (NTFA), funded by 3Mgives, provides financial support for non-tenured faculty, encouraging recipients to remain in academia, teach, conduct research and develop an awareness of science in an industrial setting. The awardees receive $15,000 for their research in this highly competitive program; this year, there were only 18 new awards selected from 113 nominations. 


3M has been involved in materials-related work for decades, with a motto of “Science. Applied to Life,” so these awards are just one of many ways they are investing in the future of materials science and engineering.


“This program is just for young faculty… it’s a vote of confidence in my work, and I’m honored to receive the NTFA award,” Huang said. 


The Academic Relations Committee (ARC) of Tech Forum will host the awardees at the 3M Science and Engineering Faculty Day on June 5 and June 6.