MRL Biological Conference 2016

The 5th Annual MRL Biological Conference was held on November 2 & 3, 2016 at the Materials Research Laboratory (MRL) on the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Campus. 


  7:45     Registration and Continental Breakfast

  8:30     MRL Introduction
    Mauro Sardela, UIUC

  8:45     How Can Capillary Forces Enhance Bone Regeneration?
              Amy Wagoner Johnson, UIUC

  9:30     Break

10:00     A Predictive Computational Model of Hematopoietic Stem Cell
              Differentiation Kinetics in Culture
  Bhushan Mahadlk, UIUC Post Doc

10:20     Nanoparticle or Not Nanoparticle? Creating Self-assembled
              Prodrug Nanoparticles to Improve Inhibition of Breast Cancer
Santosh Misra, UIUC Post Doc

10:40     Gold Nanoparticles: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Ecology
              Catherine Murphy, UIUC

11:20     Flexible and Wearable Optoelectronic Sensors for Biomedical
              Technologies: Crumpled Graphene Stretchable Photodetectors
  Pilgyu Kang, UIUC Post Doc

11:40     On-Chip Highly Sensitive Detection of Ascorbic Acid in Human
              Tear Film Using Flexible Paper-based Electrochemical Biosensors
Muhammad Khan, UIUC Post Doc

12:00     Lunch

 1:15      Interfacing Micro and Nanotechnology with Biology
              and Medicine: Opportunities and Prospects

              Rashid Bashir, UIUC

  2:00     Biological Risk Assessment
  Michael Miles, UIUC Division of Research Safety

  2:45     Break

  3:15     The Future of Upper Limb Prosthetic Devices
              Aadeel Akhtar, PSYONIC Company

  4:00     Biologically-Compliant 4D Printing
              Ralph Nuzzo, UIUC

  4:45     Investigator-Initiated Clinical Research: The Research
              Coordinator Perspective

              Vasantha Reddi, Carle Foundation Hospital Research Institute


  8:00     Continental Breakfast

  8:30     Towards a Cell-level Personalization of Nanomedicine:
              Pathology Dependent In Vitro Reduction of Gold Nanoparticles
              by Action of Mammalian Cells
Aaron Schwartz-Duval, UIUC Student

  8:50     Programmable Dorsal Root Ganglion Cell Culture Response
              to 3D-Printed Hydrogel Scaffolds
Adina Badea, UIUC Student

  9:10     Quantitative Backscatter Electron Imaging of Developing
              Porcine Bones
 Cory Lindeman, UIUC Student

  9:30     Break

10:00     Graphene-Integrated Biomedical Implant Devices
  Da Woon Kim, UIUC Student

10:20     Bottom-up Preparation and Structural Study of Monodispersed
Hojun Kim, UIUC Student

10:40     Antimicrobial and Diagnostic Feasibility of Inherently-
              Theraputic Nano-Hafnium for Periodontal Disease
  Fatemeh Ostadhossein, UIUC Student

11:00     Biogeography and Taxonomical Affinity of Striatopollis
              catatumbus: A New Approach Using Airyscan Confocal
              Superresolution Microscopy
   Ingrid Romero, UIUC Student

11:20     NIR DNAzyme Upconversion Nanoparticles for Metal Ion Cellular
              Sensing Using Cryo-TEM and Confocal Microscopy
  Kang Yong Loh, UIUC Student

11:40     Macromolecular Design for Modulation of Amyloid
              Fibrillar Assembly
Yang Song, UIUC Student

12:00     Lunch

  1:00     Engineered Thin-Film Microstructures on Complex Substrate
              Geometries for Medical Applications
              J. R. Gaines, Kurt J. Lesker Company

  1:30     Characterizing Drug-Delivery Vehicles by Size, Molecular
              Weight and Zeta Potential
              Carrie Schindler, Malvern Instruments

  2:00     3-Dimensional Characterization of Resin-Embedded Biological
              Samples Using SBF-SEM and MED-SEM
              Gabriella Kiss, FEI Company

  2:30     Correlative Microscopy
              Joel Mancuso, Carl Zeiss Microscopy

  3:00     Break

  3:20     Tours through the MRL Lab Demos

  4:50     Announcement of Competition Winners

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Students and postdocs were invited to participate in a research poster and oral presentation competition. Two winners, one student and one postdoc, each won $99. Those chosen to present for the competition had their registration fee waived or reimbursed.

Deadline for competition submission was October 1, 2016.

Competition Rules

Registration is closed for this event.