Temporary Raith Prep Room Closure: Dec 4-6

The Raith prep room will be closed from

DEC 4 8AM to DEC 6 1PM.

This is necessary in order to move several tools from the main cleanroom to the Raith prep room due to the closure of the main cleanroom for the ESCO renovation project between Dec 4 and Jan 15.

Please notice that during this period, all the lithography work will be done in the Raith prep room. There will be a temporary new layout of tools in the Raith prep room, which can be found here:

Room 362 Layout

Notice that the above interruptions will not affect the Raith instrument room and its operation.

We apologize for the inconvenience but this is necessary as part of the ESCO renovation project in order to make all the Microfab/Cleanroom labs better. Please let us know if you have any questions.

MRL Microfab/Cleanroom Staff