MRL Microfab Clean Room

The MicroFab cleanroom is used for a wide range of micro and nano-fabrication projects.  In addition to UIUC researchers, the cleanroom allows outside academic users as well as users from industry.

The cleanroom is divided into 4 separate bays, each dedicated to a set of related fabrication processes:

  • Micro-side optical lithography bay consisting of flow bench, capture fume hood, HMDS oven, two spin coaters, hot plates, three MJB-3 mask aligners, stamper station aligner and microscope.
  • Micro-side acid etching bay with an acid fume hood.
  • Nano-side optical lithography bay consisting of flow bench, spin coater, hot plates, polyimide curing ovens, MJB-4 mask aligner and microscope.
  • Nano-side metal etching bay with a metal etchant fume hood.

Below is the list of MicroFab cleanroom supplied chemicals:

PR and Developer

  • AZ 5214-E image reveral resist (buy from the storeroom)
  • AZ 917 MIF developer
  • AZ 400K developer
  • SU-8 developer


  • Acetone
  • IPA
  • NMP-based stripper: AZ 400T

Etchants and Acids

  • Chromium etchant
  • Iron oxide etchant
  • Copper etchant
  • Gold etchant
  • Hydrofluoric Acid (HF)
  • Buffered Oxide Etch (BOE)
  • Nitric Acid (HNO3)
  • Phosphoric Acid (H3PO4)
  • Nanostrip

The cleanroom management team is committed to providing an efficient and safe working environment for its users. Users' suggestions and feedback on any aspect of the cleanroom, staff, operation, or equipment are welcome and highly encouraged.

Location:  MRL 313, 384, 388 and 387
Hours of Operation: 24-hour access
Xiaoli Wang, Ph.D.
Research Engineer, MRL 380
(217) 244-0392

Useful Links:

Clean Room Layout

If you have already left the Cleanroom and forgotten to sign out, you can do so remotely from your own device by accessing the following webpage (select cleanroom from the dropdown menu:  

MicroFab supplied chemicals:

Chemical request system:

Report any incidents to microFab staff ( immediately. In case of emergency, evacuate and call 911.